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 You can make a bug hotel to go on the ground, or to hang from a tree, or both – to see if they attract different insects.



• A large plastic bottle (makes 2 bug hotels)

• String (for a hanging bug hotel)

• Materials to fill the bug hotels




• Sticks and twigs

• Dry leaves

• Pinecones

• Stones

• Bark and dead wood

• Hollow stems and canes

• Straw or Hay



• Rolled up pieces of card

• Scrunched up pieces of paper

• Pieces of broken plant pots

•Strips of fabric


  1. Cut the top and bottom off the bottle, leaving into 2 cylinder shapes (for hanging bug hotels, loop some string or garden twine around the cylinder) and give one to each child or group.


2. Ask the children to lay out their materials in groups. Long twigs can be snapped and leaves or stems folded or scrunched up to make them smaller. Cardboard should be rolled up and paper scrunched.

3. Start filling the bug hotels! Tell the children to squeeze and stuff in as much as possible to make them really firm, so their materials won’t blow away.

4. Discuss where would be a good spot for the bug hotels. Insects like cool and moist conditions, on the floor in the shade of a tree or hedge, is ideal.


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