Charred: The complete guide to vegetarian grilling and barbecue


The ultimate guide to grilling, barbecuing and roasting a multitude of marvellous vegetarian dishes

Cooking on a Bootstrap: Over 100 Simple, Budget Recipes


No-nonsense cookery writer and anti-poverty campaigner Jack Monroe shows how limited cash need not limit your imagination in the kitchen!

Easy Comfort Food: over 100 delicious recipes for feel-good favourites


Indulge your senses and warm your soul with more than 100 foolproof recipes for Easy Comfort Food from soups and stews to baked desserts and cookies.

Easy Tagine: delicious recipes for Moroccan one-pot cooking


Step inside Easy Tagine with simple-to-follow recipes and gorgeous photography, and immerse yourself in the fabulous scents, tastes and colours that are rife in Moroccan cuisine.

Eating Well Everyday


Using easily sourced ingredients and simple methods, the Godfather of fusion cooking, Peter Gordon, has created over 170 dishes that demonstrate his passion for innovative flavours and textures in everyday setting.

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