Gardening in Summer-Dry Climates: Plants for a Lush, Water-Conscious Landscapes


The definitive plant guide for gardeners who want a lush, colourful garden that will thrive in a summer-dry climate.

Gardening with Junk: Simple and innovative planting ideas using recycled pots and containers


Revamp, recycle and rejuvenate your old containers into some stunning feature pieces for your garden! Learn how to become more eco-friendly and make the most of old mugs, oil cans, plastic bottles and so much more with Gardening with Junk!

How to Grow and Eat Your Own Superfoods


An inspiring, easy-to-follow guide that bridges the gap between gardening, health and cooking. Look beyond the labels and the headlines and discover what really makes a food a super food.

Jam and Jelly!: A Step-by-Step Kids Gardening and Cookbook (Grow Your Own Ingredients)


Grow It! Harvest it! Cook it! Eat it! Yummy Jam and Jelly for You and Your Family!

Moon Gardening: Planting your biodynamic garden by the phases of the moon


Increase the vitality of your garden by learning the benefits of lunar and biodynamic gardening.

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