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Close your eyes and imagine the ooziest, most gooey, most disgusting gunk you can think of. Now let’s make some!



• PVA glue

• borax substitute (it’s

actually called that)

• food colouring (optional)

• rubber gloves

• water

• two bowls

• something to stir with

• measuring cup


  1. In the first bowl, mix half a cup of water and half a cup of glue.



2. If you fancy some coloured slime, add a few drops of food colouring.



3. Put on the rubber gloves. In the second bowl, mix one cup of water with one teaspoon of borax substitute until it dissolves.



4. Now, take the first bowl and pour the contents into the second bowl, stirring as you go.


5. Goo-tastic slime will start to form as soon as you mix the contents of the two bowls. Keep stirring!



6. Finish off the mixing with your gloved hands to make perfect, long-lasting slime.




Although not dangerous, a borax substitute should be handled with care. That’s why we’re using rubber gloves – and you should wash thoroughly after this experiment. You’d have to accidentally eat loads of borax substitute for it to do you any lasting harm and as it tastes horrible and soapy, no one would! It can irritate the skin a bit, so watch out for that.


Want to discover the king of slime? Meet the hagfish, a strange eel-like creature that lives in the sea and feeds on the insides of dead fish. When attacked, hagfish can produce enough defensive slime to choke a shark. Hagfish slime is made of incredibly tiny but strong threads.

Scientists are trying to work out whether it can be used to make useful stuff – like hardwearing outdoor clothing, for example. It would certainly make a great bungee-jumping rope!


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